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Kirubs Blog: iPhone 5 arrives to Spain

Today is the new iphone 5 to the Spanish stores, preceded by news like this: “iPhone 5 Sells Over 5M In Opening Weekend, Limited Only By Device Supply“. There have been many fans queuing in shops waiting the coveted phone, is that … Continue reading

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Performance History Information Society in 2011.

  As every year Telefónica presents its report: “The information society in Spain” with data that placed our country in the European front in usage of smartphones and mobile Internet penetration. The smartphone is the most important factor in this … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ends our first year: intense and hard, but at the same time rewarding. We will close for vacation next week, but not before thanking all our staff, family and friends who have supported us in difficult times, enduring the hardships of everyday life and giving good advice. Next year we hope to continue with the same … Continue reading

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Kirubs Collaborates with Kid Crab.

One of the projects we have developed recently in collaboration with Kid Crab is the creation of children’s educational projects by posting stories, games and others in mobile applications. The three publications that are currently on the market are: Snowy … Continue reading

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The 1st of December is Kirubs first anniversary, the company that develops applications for all types of mobile devices and social networking. It was founded in 2010 by four young entrepreneurs in Spanish and currently has a team of 15 people trained in different … Continue reading

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iPhone Low cost: the best solution against Nokia and Android rivalry

    Changes arising from the increasing use of mobile devices such as  new tablets and smartphones  have changed the situation of the major brands today. It’s so well-known the example of Nokia, a brand that over the last decade has placed at the head of big technology brands because of important distribution and management agreements, but now there are serious … Continue reading

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