Performance History Information Society in 2011.


As every year Telefónica presents its report: “The information society in Spain” with data that placed our country in the European front in usage of smartphones and mobile Internet penetration.

The smartphone is the most important factor in this revolution. Thus, Spain, along with Britain, leads his use in Europe with a penetration of 46.3%. Sales of smartphones in the world for the first time exceeded  to the computers: specifically, in the second quarter of 2011 were sold 107 million smartphones, while only 85 million PCs purchased.

Another encouraging data in this process is to advance the digitization of content and activities beyond the entertainment, which grew by 34%.

Our country is the first, in mobile Internet penetration rate, a 20%, while the European Union average is 11%. In terms of number of households with broadband connection by mobile telephony, Spain reached a ratio of 13.1% of households with Internet, which is 12% more than last year.

In the business world, Spain is 97% above the European average (94%).

Despite the continued growth experienced in recent years, our country is still below the European average both in Internet access by citizens, below 5 percentage points, as in Internet penetration in households with 11 percentage points apart.

Another important development has been the social networks. Among them the appearance of permanent communicator, a user who exchange information in real time and in Spain has over one million people, in total, 9.2% of social network users. Being a “permanent communicator” implies a higher intensity of use, more to connect several times a day and represents a paradigm shift in the behavior of users, who now share experiences constantly.

During the past year, the percentage of Internet users who keep their profiles and regularly visit social networks has increased by 17 percentage points, from 39% to 56%, and the users who join the “online conversation” has increased 21 percentage points, from 28% to 49%.

These new habits have created a new use of the media: the landline lost 6 percentage points in penetration and SMS lost 8 percentage points. In contrast, mobile phone or social network messages increased 5 percentage points each. In addition, younger people currently use 4,2 channels of communication agains 3.3 on average in 2008.

In the following video you will see more interesting facts:

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