Kirubs Collaborates with Kid Crab.

One of the projects we have developed recently in collaboration with Kid Crab is the creation of children’s educational projects by posting stories, games and others in mobile applications.

The three publications that are currently on the market are: Snowy the Snowman (game included), the story of the log or Tió and its respective game. The first tells the story of a Pepón, happy and playful, who lives in a place far away in the mountains with the guardians of the cold and snow. The second, el Tió is a traditional Catalan tale of a log who must be fed well to get gifts, a sort of Santa Claus catalan. And finally the game of the Tió directed to children from 3 years, where you take fruits and sweets to feed the trunk, avoiding touching the coal that will subtract points.

Both stories are available in the App Store for iPad, while the guy is game for Android and iPhone mobile.

Cuento de Pepón el muñeco de nieve, Kid Crab.Cuento de Pepón el muñeco de nieve, Kid Crab.

Yesterday in the newspaper Público, Blanca Salvatierra published an article titled: “Tablets, machines that dazzle the children.” Where it appears an interview with Ramón Pallarés, founder of Kid Crab that reads: “Ramón Pallarés is the founder of Kid Crab, an interactive publishing company that has made ​​the leap from the paper sector, from Nadal-Arcade editorial. At this point we have several interactive ipad tales, each one with three games. Pallares said that the publishing industry these applications are an opportunity: “It’s a business still in its infancy in Spain, in countries like Germany or France is already taking off. That’s why we launched the stories in seven languages. “In addition, although investment is needed to expand the possibilities of a story with interactive elements that engage the interest of the child, from Kid Crab say that, new technologies provide a same story that can be distributed in all languages ​​almost at the same cost. “You can reach many more markets than with a traditional publisher.” “

Diario Expansión kidcrab web

In the newspaper Catalunya Expansion, the Kid Crab web comes out as the best of the week, trimming reads: “Christmas is coming and with it, Christmas for application for iPad, iPhone and Android.
Two members of Editorial Nadal, company from Valls (Alt Camp) specializing in workbooks have created webpage to find applications aimed at learning and fun for children. It offers three products that can be downloaded directly from the site for a good price. The story of Snowy, the snowman, the story of the log and the log game, an interactive and educational game allowing children to feed the popular Caga Tió and care for it.


The stories are narrated by a storyteller and include interactive elements and colorful illustrations.
Applications are available in seven languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, German, Russian and Chinese.
Downloading and buying is easy and simple through the website itself.
Both stories are set as the teaching and educational applications for children.


As a newly established company, so far offer little variety of products. “

As you can see the company is having a major impact on the media, could appear today on TVE1 at noon and La noticias 2 this evening.

So you know, if you have children this Christmas gift Kid Crab, educational and fun gift that will blow their imagination.

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